Proje Taşımacılık

With our professional team with an experience of over 25 years, we have become a top choice for a safe land transport operation. Due to our trouble free, on time and top performing applications, you are able to access real time information concerning your transported goods whenever you like. We present to you a smooth proceeding road transport by giving you and all other parties related to the shipment, information every step of the way. With a modern fleet and experienced teams, we offer you a continuous road transport to Europe, the Middle East, Turkic Republics, Morocco, Tunisia, Scandinavian countries and many other destinations. Upon demand, we also offer warehouse (storage), quality control and packaging services for your shipments before transportation. Apart from one of the main problems of road transport which is diplomatic and political obstacles, we promise you guaranteed delivery periods and offer solutions to you in the case of any issue that may come up before your shipment leaves. Alongside our express and priority shipments, our fully equipped panel vans offer you the service of hourly delivery options. Information regarding your shipment is shared directly with you through our team of experts and with an account representative for every client, requests and demands are met on time.

  • Full and partial shipments with new generation vehicles equipped with safety equipment.
  • Customs, insurance, priority deliveries and appraisal services all over Europe.
  • Real time information every step of the way for freight collection, domestic transport, storage, loading, departure, border pass, customs entry, delivery.
  • Our certified fleet include optima, mega, and rack equipment for tilt trailers and temperature control, rack and hazardous product management equipment for box trailers.
  • Full and partial daily shipments on the Georgia transport line and domestic transports within Georgia.
  • Full and partial weekly shipments for hazardous shipments to Switzerland.
  • Mid-transport, custom services and domestic transport for Spain and Portugal.
  • Photos during loading and documents sent to you on time.
  • All food, chemical and textile shipments.